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 [Guild] Panthers

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PostSubject: [Guild] Panthers   Tue Nov 18, 2008 11:41 am

Hello, I am Shynobi from VengefulStroy. I will be Sponsoring the Guild,"Panthers". What I mean by Sponsoring is that I will host private events for the guild.
If you ever Consider Joining, Whisper Tiger,Shynobi,and Tigers. The Guild must be Active to able to join my guild. I will sometimes be Tiger most of the Time.


Max: 100
Members: ??

1.) Boss Event
2.) NxSlimes Event
3.) Monster Mash Event (Random)
4.) Guess Who?!?!?!
5.) JQ/Jump Quest (Random).


The Facts:

1.) Be Active.
2.) Be Cool lolz.
3.) Be nice.
4.) Don't Hack
5.) NEVER Talk Crap to the Master.
6.) Do Not Advertise Peoples servers on the Guild Notice or you will be jailed/kicked out of the guilds.

More rules will added later.

Cya, Guys in VengefulStory~!!!


I named it VaporsMS Cause vengefulStory wouldn't fit in the banner!!! LMFAO.
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[Guild] Panthers
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