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 Djsorrell MOD application

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PostSubject: Djsorrell MOD application   Sat Nov 15, 2008 1:34 pm

IGN: Djsorrell
Name: Dylan
Age: 13
Why do you want to be a MOD: I love helping ppl lol Being a MOD is my way to prove to myself that i can make a difference. a good 1 lol.
What would i do if i was chosen mod?: Well, start my job right away. i would to anything help, ban hackers, jail scammers and bacily. help keep VengefulStory a good PS
About myself: Well i am helpful, i listen always and i do what im told . i will not turn town what Ferdie or the other GM's Tell me to do.
Time Zone: Eastern Pacific Canada US time.(GMT -5:00)
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Djsorrell MOD application
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