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 LoverBoy--- Application to be a Mod

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PostSubject: LoverBoy--- Application to be a Mod   Thu Jan 01, 2009 9:11 pm

Why you want to be a MOD: I want to be a MOD so that i can contribute more to this game and server. The experience in being a MOD is completely different from that being a player. Being a MOD is somehow similar to the role of a leader, i hope that the experience would provide me with a greater sense of maturity.. Therefore, i hope that the Admin and GMs would give me a chance to have this experience. As a result, i can learn more about the game and how the GMs and MODs get to run the server. I hope that Ferdie would give me the chance to be a MOD.. I hope to catch hackers whom are aiming to bring disharmony to the game.. So far, i have reported a hacker and inevitably, he got banned..

What would you do if you were a MOD: I would help players.. As for newbies, i can help and educate in a way or another.. For example, i can give them tips on what to fight on their current level, so as to further enhance the gaming experience and to save time.. I can also provide timely assistance to any players when needed..

About yourself: I am currently 16 years of age.. I live in Singapore, which is part of Asia.. I have noticed that there are quite a number of players in the server from Asia.. If i were to be a MOD, i can provide assistance to other players since we are in the same time zone.. [Most of the GMs and MODs are from Europe and the United States of America]

Thank you for reading my application and taking time to do so.. I seriously hope that i can be a MOD.. Thank you.. Fingers Crossed..

Time Zone:GMT+8 Singapore
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LoverBoy--- Application to be a Mod
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