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 Hopefottop10's MOD Application

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PostSubject: Hopefottop10's MOD Application   Sat Dec 27, 2008 11:15 am

[strike]IGN: Hopefortop10
Name: Fu qizhuang

Age: 19

Why you want to be a MOD: Ok, I want to try create more interesting posts and friends in here. Do my best on job if i got accepted. I am friendly, helpful, patience and have a nice heart if ppl really wants to know more about some particular stuffs.

What would you do if you were a MOD: I will check the forum for as many times as possible if i got the free time. Be active, keep posting relevent replies and help the newcomers to overcome their difficulties as i could.

About yourself: Singaporean, currently study in Chemical Process Technology in Bukit Batok ite and lived in Redhill Close. Loves to learn, use and play computer much, enjoy hang out with friends. My characteristic is kind-hearted, out-going, cheerful, introvert, honest and friendly person. Any friends/gals looking for guys on relationship can add me in game or msn for chatting hehe...Seeking gals with not easy hot-tempered girl, charming and kind. I am easily run of topic when comes to communicate with anyone so don't mind about this point. This server is rocks because there are 5 channels with less people :O!! So shocking and surprisingly about the population rate hehe...Vengeful Story will rule forever and devoted so much!

Favouite movies: Jackie Chan adventure movies, Detective movies, Intial D, I Not Stupid 1 and 2, Spiderman, Man In Black, The Judgement Day, Space Jam, Private of carribean, Simpson, Toy story, Mr bean movie, Tarzan, The Hero, Deathnote 1 n 2, Forbidden kingdom, romantic and action movies.

Schools: Keng Seng primary school (1995-2001), Jin Tai Secondary School (2002-2006), Bukit Batok ite(2007-) Chemical Process Technology hoping to advance for poly to take diploma.

Favourite Colour:Blue
Favourite Number: 914 << Big No ya muhaha....

Hobbies and Interests:playing sports such as basketball, swimming and badminton, online games esp Facebook,Maple Private server(Vengestory and Dracostory) and viwawa, watch tv, relaxation, Chatting, BBQ picnic party, Go out with friends, making new friends

Company: Chemical Process Technology Centre? Iudustrial attachment from 15th Dec to 20th Feb

Time Zone: GMT +8 Hours Kuala Lumpur, Singapore
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Hopefottop10's MOD Application
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