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 H4CK3R's Gm Application.

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PostSubject: H4CK3R's Gm Application.   Thu Dec 18, 2008 7:16 pm


Name: Daniel

Age: 16

Male or Female: Male

Why you want to be a GM: I would like to be a GM to experience something different in my life. I have played Maple Story for who knows how long (i was a beta tester) and enjoy many other online games. Being a GM will be like a test to the real world. I wish to have a career in Information Technology and being a GM (Admin/Mod) will give me a big advantage at job/college interviews. I live in Australia, which i think no other GM does, and the difference with the time zone's are quiet a few hours, i think i will be able to patrol the night in Australia which will be the 2am-8am for USA/Canada. And therefore VMS will have GM's on every hour of the day, securing the community and patrolling the servers

What would you do if you were a GM: There is nothing that i am dying to do. But the main things i will concentrate is creating a better community for people, creating friendships and helping anyone in need. All questions asked i will do my best to answer correctly and wisely.

Any experience?**: My friend and I created our own little Private Server, this was when they first came out (Local Ms, Odin etc) and played around a little, but wasn't great because nothing was secure, and we only had 4 people playing which were friends.

About yourself: I am in the 11th Grade/Year. I enjoy playing Soccer and going out with friends. Most of my life is found on my computer desk, i spend probably 70% of the day in my computer chair. I one day wish to do a programming course in University and then move on to a career in the I.T Industry.

Time Zone: (GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney <-- Yup, i'm from Australia.

Have vent? Of course, every gamer should!

A microphone? Yes.

Thank you for reading Smile
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PostSubject: Sword :D   Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:35 am

Great Application , Hope you pass !
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H4CK3R's Gm Application.
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