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 Xelas(alex4044s) GM application -not registered-

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PostSubject: Xelas(alex4044s) GM application -not registered-   Wed Dec 17, 2008 5:48 am

Male or Female:Male
Why you want to be a GM:Because in every other server I've played in all the GMs where boring and never did events but ill do it if 1 person asks me but at least 3 people need to be in event or its a waist of time. also because I've never been one before and i know all of the codes.
What would you do if you were a GM:i would help out new characters and other ones that would need help also i would do events as asked as i said before.
Any experience?i have no experience being a gm but i know how to do everything and i know all the codes and all the map codes so users do not need to find the code by them selfs.
About yourself: im on maple alot so id be a vary active gm unless i get grounded for some odd reson. im a nice person and dont just warp and kill people so they can trust me.
Time Zone:i am in the central time zone
Have vent?i don't know what a vent is and i can find quickly if i am told i can become a gm:D
A microphone? yes i do have a microphone:D

Please consider my gm application thanks tongue
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Xelas(alex4044s) GM application -not registered-
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