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 Slutty's GM Aplica something -not registered-

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PostSubject: Slutty's GM Aplica something -not registered-   Sun Dec 14, 2008 11:31 am

IGN: Slutty
Name: Jackie
Age: 14
Male or Female:Female
Why you want to be a GM: I want and ban hackers and give advice to people with questions
What would you do if you were a GM: i would go around trying to find people that are doing any type of hacking and talk to other gms to try to find info
Any experience?**:I hav played finalstory til it got closed down maplestory for 3-4 yrs and also dracostory for a few months(i know a lot about job skills)
About yourself:I enjoy track and field and soccer. My favorite food is RAMEN
i also like gaming when i hav time(fri,sat,sun)
Time Zone:pacific time
Have vent? yes
A microphone?yes
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Slutty's GM Aplica something -not registered-
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