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 My GM Applications -not registered

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PostSubject: My GM Applications -not registered   Thu Nov 27, 2008 4:27 am

What are you applying for: for a gm in Vengeful Story

Have you been a GM befor: No but i will try so good i can to be the best GM i can

Your Real Name: Viggo

From: Denmark

How old are you: 14

How active will you be(on the forum): like everyday for about 1-2 hours tops or maybe more and more and more I will be on for a long long long time. And if i'm gm i'll go the forum as much as poss and make the forum and ps more fun for more players.

Have u had any other experience: yes on DanaMS, CloudStory and CrimeStory

Why should we choose you: because I have the gm handbook for commands I'll be on dailey and ban hackers. I'm really friendly to other people and i won't be mean to them for any purpose(ONLY IF THEY DO SUMTHING TEREBILE TO ME I WILL). I will help other people if they need it. I am always on so if any hacker is on the time i'm on they're dead. And i promise to give 110% in everything for being a GM.And that i know all of the commands and knows all the map id and the most of the item ids.I hope to be a GM.I'm kind and if there is anything wrong with the server I'll do whatever I can to help it.

I hope to be a GM,
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My GM Applications -not registered
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